Stop wasting your corporate meetings and events budget on boring entertainment like photo booths, game shows, escape rooms and live music. These are the same tired ideas churned out by every corporate entertainment agency. They’re expensive and do nothing but make your event a glorified excuse to get out of the office. Learn how hiring a magician for your events will help you obliterate your event goals and make a meaningful impact.

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Yawn-Proof Events

Creative corporate entertainment is often the biggest difference between a truly memorable event and one where the bright fluorescent lights are the only thing keeping people awake. If you want to create a yawn-free event where guests make excuses to stay instead of excuses to leave, then it’s time to learn why hiring a skilled professional magician is the best event planning decision you’ll ever make.

The Right Entertainment for YOUR Event

One-size-fits all solutions will never help you hit your goals. A photo booth or a casino party at a healthcare conference is no different than a photo booth or casino party at a marketing conference. To elevate your brand, you need to add the right entertainment for your needs. That’s where I come in. My fully customized entertainment solutions will make everyone feel like a VIP.

A Customized Event Solution

Let me do all the hard work for you. Email me your goals and I'll put together a custom event entertainment plan that is guaranteed to smash them out of the park. I’m a full service entertainment expert. So if you need intimate close up magic or mingle magic for a team-building event or need to bring the house down after a large scale awards dinner, I have you covered. No event is too big or too small to benefit from a touch of magic.

The Best Virtual Magic Show for Corporate Events

Wasting your budget on venue fees and airline tickets for a company event should be left in 2019 where it belongs. The world has changed and the largest companies in the world rely on my virtual magic show to reinforce company values and improve team dynamics with their global teams, remote workforce or hybrid workers. This hilarious and super interactive Netflix-quality experience is perfect for everything from team building events to end of year awards ceremonies or just showing employee appreciation for a job well done. 


Everyone from professional event planners to the company culture committee loves working with me because I make life easy. No matter what type of corporate event you’re hosting, from a trade show to a holiday party, Christmas party, convention or even just a team dinner, I can offer the perfect live entertainment solution. Hard-hitting, high energy adult magic and corporate magic is the best way to make guests feel excited and eager to brag about your company over social media. From dazzling close up mingle magic for a team building event, to a one-of-a-kind parlor magic experience for VIPs, to bringing the house down with a mind-boggling mentalism stage show, I got you covered. You won’t even have to break a sweat. 



New York Presbyterian Hospital

We hosted a corporate event for 150 people and hired Matt to provide his magic services. It was a surprise for the guests and they loved it! Matt was funny, skilled, entertaining, and had our guests asking "How did you do that?" over and over. Matt helped make our event a great success and I recommend him for your events.