Strap in for a one-of-a-kind live social experience that allows you to connect with friends and family anywhere in the world or transform boring all-hands meetings and corporate events into unbelievable team bonding adventures. Create unforgettable memories with an interactive online magic show and mind reading experience that is guaranteed to make you forget you’re even sitting in front of a screen.

Matt Szat Virtual Magic


Not Just A Video Call

100s of families, groups, and the biggest companies in the world continue to trust me as their go-to source for unique online entertainment long after the supposed death of virtual events like virtual game nights and virtual escape rooms. That’s because I don’t offer a Zoom call with magic tricks. Instead, you’ll be mesmerized by a personalized and immersive experience that makes family, friends and colleagues feel like they’re all in the same room.

Hassle-Free Experience

Forget having to pay for multiple expensive tickets, sit in traffic and then fight for a parking spot just for a fun night out. A Broadway-level experience from the comfort of your home is just a click away. Save time and energy by enjoying professional live entertainment without all the hassle.

Be Part Of The Show

At a concert or Broadway show, you’re just another face in the crowd. But, with my online magic show, everyone gets a front row seat. You’ll be laughing and smiling from ear to ear as your friends, family and co-workers join me on my virtual stage for a super rare opportunity to interact live with a professional magician. Their decisions guide our interactive video adventure and some magic even happens in your hands. It’s genuinely impossible to not be fully engaged from start to finish.

The World Has Changed

Aunt Susan in Boca Raton never has to miss a birthday again and you’ll never have to burn through half your budget on travel and accommodation costs just to fly your APAC team in for an employee appreciation awards dinner. My unique online experience can be customized to events of any size and enjoyed from anywhere in the world.


Contact me today and discover why companies like Google, Pepsi, T-Mobile, Facebook and Citi rely on my unique online entertainment to boost workplace morale and improve employee retention without any of the high costs of in-person meetings and events


Even as some employees return to the office full time, companies around the world continue to host virtual meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. From adopting a hybrid work model to managing a team of fully remote workers, the future of work has undoubtedly changed. Be at the forefront of this evolution and combat Zoom fatigue by making meetings more fun and engaging with an unforgettable immersive online experience. 


My Zoom magic show is the best unique online entertainment for trade shows, sales meetings, global all hands meetings, remote team building, town halls, awards dinners, executive roundtables, charity events or pretty much any other virtual gathering you can think of. All without the extra costs of renting an event space or office space, or paying for travel and accommodations for your team members.




Matt performed a Zoom magic show for one of our finance corporate events, and he was spectacular! Not only did he perform an amazing show for us that left us scratching our heads, he also taught us a couple of tricks after that helped us stun our friends and family. He's super funny and engaging which made the time fly by as well as technically knowledgeable and responsive in the planning phase. I'd highly recommend him!