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The people I work with understand that event entertainment can make or break an event. They refuse to be like everyone else recycling the same “unique” event ideas like photo booths and giant Jenga sets that are as overused as the top 40 hits every DJ plays. If you’re eager to host an extraordinary event your guests will never forget, you’re in the right place.

Matt Szat Magic Wedding Magician for Hire




Close up magic and strolling magic is an intimate and interactive experience that is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Imagine your guests' reaction as they watch $1 bills transform into $100 bills inches from their face or as they question reality when I read their mind to uncover the secret passcode to their phone. I apologize in advance for the amount of people that will be bombarding you with praise for the event.

What Happens When You Hire Matt Szat Magic

The excitement meter at your event will be through the roof as each guest experiences an electrifying combination of amazing magic and mentalism, and hilarious comedy. Without causing any interruption to the run of show, I can bounce from group to group engaging every guest and creating unforgettable memories. You can genuinely feel the energy rise as the cheers and laughter reverberate throughout the room. Whether building hype to start an event or closing it with a bang, there’s no doubt my entertainment will create unforgettable memories.

Custom Event Entertainment Solutions

Like your personal tour guide to the best party ever, I’m here to make your life easier and reduce the stress of event planning. Every performance is finely tuned to meet your unique needs and achieve those “wow” moments that make for great photos and leave your jaws sore from smiling so much. 


The best part? It only takes 30 seconds to get started. This is guaranteed to be the easiest part of your event you have to plan. Just send me a quick message with your goals, and I'll put together a custom roadmap for the perfect event entertainment solution just for you.

The Antidote to Boring

Nights Out

Forget board game nights and karaoke night. Transform an average night out into an experience your friends and family never forget with a parlor magic show. This fully interactive magic and mind-reading experience offers bigger and more exciting moments that engage everyone in an unforgettable night of melted minds and split sides. It’s the perfect unique party idea for a birthday party, dinner party, holiday party, bbq or even a bachelor or bachelorette party.


Few things in life are more exhausting and stressful than planning a wedding. So, to help make your life easier, I’ve put together exclusive wedding magic services that are guaranteed to make your special day one for the ages. I handle all the planning so you can focus on enjoying precious moments with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a wedding magician or wedding entertainer in New York, Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut, I’m happy to let you know that your search is over.

Most brides and grooms admit that one of their biggest wedding-planning mistakes was not spending enough time or money on wedding entertainment. Without much thought, they’ll rush to book a DJ that has used the same wedding playlist for a decade or a photo booth that churns out photo strip after photo strip where everyone does a “silly one” on the last photo. Yet, while guests may not remember what your flowers looked like or that particular shade of blush linen you just HAD to have, they will remember how the entertainment made them feel. And close up magic and strolling magic is the best way to entertain guests during a wedding cocktail hour, wedding reception dinner, wedding breakfasts or even a wedding rehearsal dinner. 


Like your own personal wedding ambassador, I will seamlessly blend into the crowd like a magic superhero destined to put an end to awkward introductions and uncomfortable small talk in the line at the bar when that person whose name you can never remember just happens to walk up behind you. Everyone from Great Aunt Sally to Bob from work will be best friends after bonding over shared “how did he do that?” moments. 


I’m also committed to helping solve one of the most common wedding day problems. It’s an unfortunate reality that wedding couples often don’t get many intimate moments alone on their wedding day. Which is why I develop a 100% customized magic experience for each couple that retells your love story before culminating in a one-of-a-kind souvenir that you’ll keep and cherish long after the DJ moves on to play the same songs for another couple and the photo booth strips everyone left on their table are tossed in the trash.



I was incredibly impressed with Matt. He is not only a good magician, but was 15 minutes early, was pleasant and defused uncomfortable situations like crying babies and nervous toast-givers with his magic! I'm a wedding planner and I'm so glad to have met Matt and will definitely use him again. Very professional and a real pro.


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